Bias Tape Maker

Making bias tape using a bias tape maker is something that is easy to do, and bias tape has a variety of uses in sewing and quilting projects. Plus, being able to create your own bias tape in the fabric of your choice allows you to perfectly match colors and not be limited by the availability of pre-made bias tapes available for purchase at the store. Mostly of Bias Tape Maker has sizes ranges from 1/2” to 2” wide, depends on the brand of the item. Before we start making binding tapes, we need an iron, some spray starch, an awl or toothpick, and of course the fabric strips to a width double that of your finished bias tape.

So let's make the binding tape step-by-step

The first step in making bias tape using a bias tape maker is to starch and iron your fabric. Generously spray your fabric with starch and press until dry. This will create a stiffer feel to your fabric which will also make it easier to pull the fabric through the bias tape maker. After your fabric strips have been starched and pressed, you are ready to create your bias tape.

The second step is Simply insert your fabric through the wide end of the bias tape maker, using an awl or a toothpick to gently pull the fabric along through the slot at the top of the bias tape maker until the fabric begins to come out through the narrow end of the tool. When the fabric comes out of the narrow end it will have folds on both sides.



Lastly, Pull a short length of tape through at a time, using your iron to quickly press the folds flat as each section is pulled through. Continue pulling the fabric and pressing until you have an entire strip of bias tape.

And there you have your perfect binding tape.